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Two Portable Phlebotomy Chair Options

Astridge International Introduces The Optima Portable Phlebotomy Chair - Lounge
And The Advantage Portable Phlebotomy Chair - Bed

Astridge International is proud to offer 2 high quality portable phlebotomy chairs and accessories - manufactured by Strub GmbH (Germany). The Optima is a 'lounge' - style portable phlebotomy chair and the Advantage is a 'bed' style portable phlebotomy chair.

Just like our stationary phlebotomy chairs,  Strub portable phlebotomy chairs are ergonomically designed, allowing for all necessary functionality, patient safety, security & comfort and medical staff safety, security & comfort.

A Strub portable phlebotomy chair is also specifically engineered for easy portability, sturdiness, and durability - as required in mobile blood transfusion unit application.

1. Optima Portable Phlebotomy Chair - Lounge

The Optima portable phlebotomy chair - lounge from Strub GmbH is designed for very light weight with foldable back and legs for ultimate portability. Strub's innovative Easy-Recline design allows for effortless adjustment of the back support, and the donor can easily be reclined to the shock position - with feet elevated slightly above the head. The lower storage area adds convenience and security for the donor.

Portable Phlebotomy Chair

More Details & Specifications Coming Soon

Optima PORTABLE Phlebotomy Chair - Lounge

Portable Phlebotomy ChairPortable Phlebotomy ChairPortable Phlebotomy Chair

A portable phlebotomy chair transport trolley is also available, and carries up to 6 Optima beds.

2. Advantage Portable Phlebotomy Chair - Bed<

The Advantage portable phlebotomy chair - bed from Strub GmbH is designed specifically for mobile blood transfusion application. Portability features include lightweight design, folding legs and a central carrying handle.

Ergonomic design, with an adjustable headrest and armrests, gives comfort to the phlebotomy patient - and an ideal working height helps eliminate phlebotomy staff bending and back problems.

Both ends of this phlebotomy chair - bed may recline, allowing the donor to lie at either end and also allowing rapid adjustment into the shock position.


Advantage Portable Phlebotomy Chair - Bed
Standard Features:

  • Multi-positioning bed-style phlebotomy chair, inclines at both ends allowing for easy positioning of patient for left or right arm venipuncture
  • Adjustable armrest constructed of polyurethane on wood core, with steel joint and positioning bar
  • Lounge frame constructed of high grade anodized aluminum with steel joints and supports
  • Rubber / Nylon suspension system
  • Replaceable commercial high grade vinyl upholstery in charcoal gray color (other colors optionally avaialble)
  • Ergonomic headrest constructed of commercial high grade vinyl surface, with removable foam core
  • Patient personal item storage area, on canvas shelf, under lounge
  • Center carrying handle
  • Convenient storage tray


Advantage Portable Phlebotomy Chair - Bed Options:

  • Upholstery color choice
  • Adjustable armrest with scale support and writing table / refreshment tray constructed of aluminum with polyvinyl coating


Advantage Portable Phlebotomy Chair - Bed Specifications:

  • Closed dimensions: 72.5"L x 23.5"W x 2.5"H
  • Open height: 31.5"
  • Weight: 28.5lbs
  • Weight capacity: 375lbs
  • Dual positioning head / foot surface area: 27"L, with incline positions at: 15° and 30°
  • Canvas storage dimensions: 18.5"W x 21.5"L
  • Headrest dimensions: 12"W x 9.5"L x 3"H
  • Armrest dimensions: 12"L x 4.5"W x 1.5" and 7"L x 4.5"W
  • Armrest vertical adjustment range: 5.5"
  • Writing table dimensions: 11.75" L x 7.75"W
  • Refreshment tray dimensions: 4.75:L x 3.75"W


A portable phlebotomy chair transport trolley is also available, and carries up to 6 Advantage beds.


Ex-Demo Medical Chair Recliners / Stationary Phlebotomy Chairs
Perfect Condition - Full 2yr Manufacturer Warranty:

Maxima Medical Chair / Recliners
Maxima Stationary Phlebotomy Chair / Recliner
Various Colors
Dual Motor / Remote Operation
Precise Patient Positioning

Phoenix Medical Chair / Recliners
Phoenix Stationary Phlebotomy Chair / Recliner
Various Colors
Manual or Motorized
Stationary/Mobile Phlebotomy Chair

Call: (716) 481-3162 For Current Availability

Astridge International
(716) 481 3162

What Separates An Astridge International Phlebotomy Chair From The Competition?

We understand that in different parts of the world many variables in phlebotomy come into play, from the average size of a person, to equipment used, and regulations & procedures followed.

Astridge International and Strub GmbH work together to meet the special needs of our clients. Using our combined years of engineering & design experience, we are able to solve most technical problems - by customizing our phlebotomy chair and other product design criteria to meet their very specific needs.

Optima Portable Phlebotomy Chair Application



Phlebotomy Chair Design Philosophy

  • A phlebotomy chair must be securely balanced in all operational positions
  • A phlebotomy chair must be constructed with easily sanitized materials
  • A phlebotomy chair must fully support the patient - who may faint, or lose balance, during venipuncture
  • A phlebotomy chair must be comfortable for the patient
  • Phlebotomy chair arm extensions should be available for either arm - for patients with accesible veins in only one arm
  • Arm extensions must provide visibility of the elbow region, be large enough to securely support venipuncture, and be easily retracted in case of patient collapse
  • An adjustable reclining phlebotomy chair is preferable - requiring minimal bending for venipuncture
  • A phlebotomy chair should allow for rapid and easy adjustment from sitting to reclining, supine and Trendelenberg position - in the event of the patient fainting or going into shock

Read the Canadian Association of Pathologists phlebotomy chair design recommendations

'Stationary' Phlebotomy Chair / Recliners

To find out more about 'Stationary' Custom Medical Chair / Recliners available from Astridge International click on an image or on the link below it:

Phoenix Stationary Phlebotomy Chair / Recliner
'Phoenix' Stationary
Phlebotomy Chair / Recliner
Maxima Stationary Phlebotomy Chair / Recliner
'Maxima' Stationary
Phlebotomy Chair / Recliner
Motorized Medical Chair
'Techno' Stationary
Medical Chair / Recliner

Astridge International provides a 2 year limited warranty on every 'Portable' and 'Stationary' phlebotomy chair


Astridge International provides a portable phlebotomy chair line, and also provides other medical supplies and accessories:

Custom Medical Chairs

The Phoenix medical chair and the ACE motorized medical chair models from Astridge International are ergonomically designed, and can be customized to provide service as a:

  • Phlebotomy chair
  • Apheresis chair
  • Dialysis chair
  • Chemotherapy chair
  • And more.....

A custom medical chair includes all required functionality for its specific medical purpose, and promotes:

  • Patient Safety, Security & Comfort
  • Medical Staff Safety, Security & Comfort

Read more on custom medical chair design

Astridge International Introduces
The Advantage Portable Phlebotomy Chair And The Optima Portable Phlebotomy Chair
Pricing Varies With Quantity Ordered Contact Us, e-mail, Or Call (716) 481 3162

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