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Medical Furniture And Medical Chair Accessories

Astridge International Medical Transportation Products, Portable Phlebotomy Chair Transport Trolley, Custom Phlebotomy Trays,  Medical Furniture

Astridge International supplies a range of medical accessories and medical furniture to complement our medical chair / recliner and our portable phlebotomy chair lines. Click on a link below to find out more:

  • delta T Medical Transport Products
  • A portable phlebotomy chair transport trolley
  • A custom phlebotomy tray line
  • Functional quality medical furniture

  • Medical Transportation Products From delta T

    Astridge International is Your Eastern US & Eastern Canada Distributor for the delta T range of high quality blood transportation products:

    delta T Blue Line Blood Transportation Boxes:

    delta T BlueLine Blood Transport Boxes - 30L delta T BlueLine Blood Transport Boxes - 30L With Temp Shells Inserted delta T BlueLine Blood Transport Boxes - 10L

    Blue Line 30L

    30L With TempShells

    Blue Line 10L

    delta T SilverBag Blood Transportation Bags:

    delta T SilverBag Blood Transport Bags - 10L delta T SilverBag Blood Transport Bags - 10L With Temp Shells Inserted delta T BlueLine Blood Transport Boxes - 10L

    SilverBag 10L

    10L With TempShells

    Blood Bag In Shell

    delta T TempShell Elements, Frames, & Accumulators:

    delta T Tempshell Elements & Frames - 4C delta T Tempshell Elements & Frames - 22C delta T Accumulators - 37C

    4C (Blue)

    22C (Green)

    37C (Orange)

    • Range of Modular Temperature Control Elements Available

    delta T Data Loggers:

    delta T Starterkit Port-Adaptor delta T ThermoScan BlueDot reader delta T ThermoScan HR Datalogger


    BlueDot Reader

    HR Datalogger

    • Total Temperature Security with Digital Monitoring & Data Logging

    Contact Astridge International For Pricing & Delivery On All delta T Temperature Controlled Medical Transportation Products

    Call (716) 481 3162

    Portable Phlebotomy Chair Transport Trolley

    The portable phlebotomy chair transport trolley from Strub GmbH simplifies transport of portable phlebotomy chairs into and out of buildings. The trolley also effectively secures and protects the phlebotomy chairs during transportation.

    Each trolley is purposefully engineered to be lightweight and durable, and can carry up to 6 Advantage or 6 Optima portable phlebotomy chairs.

    Custom Phlebotomy Trays

    A custom phlebotomy tray from Strub GmbH allows you to specify the shape and size of trays for your specific application. Trays can be used to satisfy the needs of the patient or medical staff. Multi-adjustable options are available, with various attachment options to maximize functionality.

    Medical Furniture

    Medical Furniture

    Medical Furniture from Strub GmbH includes the medical stool and medical cabinet.

    Both items are fitted with mobility casters and finished in easy to clean materials to complement your Strub medical chair.

    We also supply mobile privacy screens thoughtfully designed to allow easy transport and set up.


    Astridge International
    Eastern USA*
    delta T Distributor:
    Astridge International delta T US shipping territories, also Eastern Canada
    * Also serving Eastern Canada

    Astridge International
    (716) 481 3162

    delta T Boxes:

    delta T 'BlueLine' Insulated Blood Transport Boxes:

    • Range of Sizes
      (10L, 20L & 30L)
    • Expanded Polypropylene Construction
      (built for durability)
    • Secure Lid Fastenings
    • Stable & Stackable
    • Machine Washable

    delta T SilverBags:

    delta T 'SilverBag' Insulated Blood Transport Bags:

    • Range of Sizes
      (3L, 10L, 16L & 30L)
    • Shoulder Strap
    • Pocket for documents
    • Lightweight
    • Also Available:
      Vacuum Boxes
      Active Cooling Boxes
      Hard Cover Boxes
      BioHazzard Boxes
      Styrofoam Boxes

    delta T Cooling:

    • Range of Sizes
    • Range of Temperatures
      4C, 22C, 37C
      -30C, -21C, -18C)
    • Temperature Indicator
    • Expandable
    • Color Coded
    • Laminated Aluminum Seal & Protective Cap




    Medical Furniture & Accessory Design Philosophy

    The Astridge International design philosophy also guides us in the selection of all medical accessories and medical furniture that we offer for sale. Every product must comply with the following design guidelines:

    • Complying with all applicable Health & Safety Regulations
    • Engineered for high quality and durability in use
    • Secure & stable in operation
    • User-friendly operation for the patient and the medical staff
    • Ergonomic design for patient and medical staff comfort
    • Constructed with easily sanitized materials
    • Using best engineering design practice & principles, and the latest technologies & materials, to ensure all of the above

    Guaranteed Performance

    Astridge International Medical Chair Manufacturer & Distributor
    Every medical chair from Astridge International
    comes with a 2 year manufacturers warranty

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    US General Services Administration GSA Approved For Provision Of Medical Chairs, Phlebotomy Chairs, Chemotherapy Chairs, Dialysis Chairs... & Accessories

    Astridge International Provides High Quality Medical Furniture
    And Medical Chair Accessories Throughout North America
    Pricing Varies With Quantity Ordered - Contact Us, e-mail, Or Call (716) 481 3162

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